APS 20-BM Mirror
​​ADC designed and built a 1100 mm long silicon mirror system to install at the Advanced Photon Source (APS). The APS 20-BM mirror system consists of five primary subcomponents: The mirror optic itself, its positioning system, the bending mechanism, a vacuum chamber, and the support structure all provided as an integrated package. All subsystems were designed to provide the highest positional stability and structural rigidity with precision motions on all axes.

To learn more about APS please go to https://www.anl.gov/.

2D Drawing

Mirror Systems

ADC’s standard mirror system consists of four primary subcomponents: the mirror optic, its positioning system, a vacuum chamber, and the support structure. Additional features ADC provides for mirror systems are bending mechanisms for the mirror optic and mirror cooling system for high heat load applications.
ADC is now offering customers two options for the positioning system of our mirrors: stacked linear motion or a hexapod positioning system. Each system provides six degrees of freedom for the mirror optic and is configured to meet the motion specifications of the user. Below shows examples of custom mirror systems.