Please contact ADC to discuss schedule and cost for the following items:

• Wiggler Insertion Device
• Undulator Planar Device
• Elliptical Polarized Undulator (EPU)
• In-Vacuum Undulator (IVU)
• Cryogenic Cooled In-Vacuum Undulator (CPMU)
• In-Vacuum Elliptical Polarized Undulator (EPU)
• Super Conductive Undulator
• Insertion Device Magnetic Measurement System

We have designed, built and delivered Insertion Devices and Magnetic Measurement Systems to such facilities as; MAX-Lab (EPU, Planar-2, and Measurement System), ALBA and Australian Synchrotron Project (Wiggler), BNL (Cryo In-Vacuum), SSRF (In-Vacuum – 2, and Measurement System), PAL (In-Vacuum and Measurement System), NSRRC (In-Vacuum), and SRC (Planar and EPU). ​

Insertion Devices & Magnet Systems 


​ADC provides “Turn-Key” Insertion Devices and Magnetic Measurement Systems complete with in-house and customer site training.

Custom Insertion Devices