Engineered Experimental Tables are being used in many different applications. In order for ADC’s engineers to develop a proper proposal we require specific information from the end user. If you have any written specification requirements, please send them to us. If not, please print and fill in the Questionnaire Form on the following pages. You can return it to ADC using any of the following three methods below. ADC will provide a customized quote based upon the provided requirement details. 

​Additional details are provided for calculations, FEAs, frequency response, repeatability measurements, loading, testing, quality control, electronics instrumentation, and controls are available for each application on request. We hope you find our product line exceeds your needs and our friendly staff willing to satisfy your specific requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact ADC for further details.

These high tech systems are the new generation precision motorized system with the flexibility to adapt to demanding customer requirements and environments. In today’s rapidly evolving science and engineering landscape, engineers and researchers need to manipulate and move large and heavy equipment with micron precision. ADC’s Engineered Experimental Tables are being used at many of the world class research facilities around the world. This list includes: NASA, Los Alamos National Lab, Argonne, Brookhaven, SLAC, CHESS, CAMD, ELETTRA, BESSY, MAX Lab, CLS, Spring-8, DLS, DESY and many other world class facilities around the world. These tables are custom design and they are tailored to customer requirements including; Two, Three, Five and Six degrees of freedom.  

ADC's Engineered Experimental Tables