2D Drawing

The XRD-1500 is an innovative heating High-Temperature Oven Chamber for in-situ diffraction studies on two, four, six or eight-circle goniometers up to 1500 °C. It fits all common goniometers. The XRD-1500 is exceptionally compact and lightweight. The heating plate design secures a high temperature regularity and respectable position stability at higher temperatures.

Technical Features-

  • ​Temperature range:                           up to 1500 °C
  • Atmospheres:                                    air, inert gas, vacuum (10-5 mbar)
  • Diameter/Height/Weight:                  192 mm/98 mm/9.7 Kg
  • Operating temperature:                     25 °C to 1500 °C
  • Gases:                                               Air, O2, N2, He, other non-hazardous noncorrosive gases
  • Temperature measurement:              2 Pt-10% Rh-Pt thermocouples – Type S
  • Dome Material Options:                    Beryllium, Quartz, Aluminum

XRD-1500 High-Temperature Oven