Special Operations Forces (SOF) operate around the world in extreme conditions including underwater, surf-zone, desert, arctic, jungle, and urban environments. They subject their weapons and aiming accessories to extremely high usage rates and stress levels. ADC's Shot Counter (SC) design makes it possible to develop end-of-life predictions based on rate of usage information, which may be applied to weapon barrels and other weapon parts. From these predictions maintenance programs can be developed based on weapons usage.
This SC enables weapon maintenance personnel to easily determine the number of rounds fired through a weapon barrel, and other conditional parameters such as firing cadence and barrel temperature that indicate remaining service life of critical components. The SC is provided with a data collection device (DCD) that is used to download SC data. The proposed system facilitates the change in the maintenance system from a time schedule to a usage schedule. It enables the development of safety programs to minimize catastrophic failures and the resulting injuries. SC's could be used for the following host weapons: M4A1, 5.56 LMG, 7.62 LMG, M14, M16, MK11, MK43, MK46.

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