Octupole End Station

The Octupole End Station is used for soft X-ray scattering in magnetic dichroism (XMD) experiments. The system is mainly used for three applications, i.e., constant field for the duration of an x-ray absorption scan, point-by-point field reversal for an XMD photon energy scan, and hysteresis loop measurements

Technical Features-​​​

  • Peak field magnitude of 1T
  • Field uniformity of 5% over 10mm cube
  • Field vector rotatable in any direction
  • 8 magnet coils
  • Water cooling for 8 coils
  • Base frame, kinematic, adjustable, 304 SS,
  • Detector 360O rotation goniometer
  • Top sample access
  • Sample rotation axis
  • UHV operation @ 5E-10mbar
  • RGA Analysis
  • Water flow sensors
  • Ports for sample, pumping, detector, observation, beamline, vacuum gage, spare
2D Drawing