2D Drawing

​High Pressure CryoCooler (HPC-201)

ADC is offering a High Pressure Cryo-Cooler for preparing protein crystals.

Below, the unique features are listed:

  • Automatic freezing of samples with one button operation
  • Perfect freezing of samples up to 3 mm cryoloop diameter
  • No cryoprotectants required 
  • Rapid transfer loading device 
  • Graphical data display of real time pressure for each run 
  • Integrated work station 
  • Integrated high-end PLC with touch screen interface 
  • Universal and application specific sample carriers 
  • Integrated Dewar with drain outlet 
  • Safety process chamber 
  • Multilingual operating (German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) 
  • Integrated video camera 
  • Freezing process cover for ultimate safety 
  • Integrated 200 MPa compressor 
  • Compact and mobile 
  • Uses standard 100–250 V / 50-60hz power supply

Contact ADC to order. As with all ADC products, customization is available.