High Precision Motion Systems

​ADC has been a leading supplier of high quality systems to the synchrotron, neutron, FEL, and high radiation scientific community for over 18 years. Many of our instruments have been in operation nearly that long in facilities around the world. From slits to undulators, ADC has provided instruments both inside and outside the shield wall. Our engineering design, and build staff are well acquainted with the special requirements of the synchrotron and FEL scientific community such as shielding, stability, precise motion, and UHV. ADC’s engineering staff approaches each new application by thoroughly understanding the risks, challenges, and requirements. Our intimate knowledge of synchrotron operations gives us a solid basis for “filing in the blanks” in our customer’s specifications. We have developed the art of project management to a high degree; thereby ensuring complex instruments are delivered on time.

Optical Tables
Motion Systems