​​​​​AVS|US is a leading manufacturer and supplier of complex engineering components and instruments for Plasma Physics, Fusion Energy, and Particle Accelerators around the world. ​​​​​AVS|US provides machined systems and products to our diverse customers from structural metal fabrication to turn key design products with complex control systems. ​​

Fusion Projects​

For further information or to discuss your individual requirement, please contact avsus@a-v-s.us.
We are committed to focusing on our customer's specific needs.
We most likely have done something similar in the past, and we we look forward to every new challenge.

ADC's ITER Projects
​​​​​AVS|US designed and fabricated many components for the ITER project:

Water Cooled Inner Conductor  ​For ICH System

​140 Degree Miter Bend For ECH System

Rotary Joint For ICH System

20-0hm DC Break For ICH System

Waveguide Tubes ​For ECH System