​​Ordering/Part Numbers

​Beryllium windows can be ordered with different configurations.​​

​Available Window Sizes: 
4", 6," 8", 10"

Available Coatings:
Duracoat, Boron Nitride, or no coating

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Customer specifies window opening length and width in millimeters (mm), as well as beryllium thickness in microns (um).

​See example below:​
​To order a 10 Inch Beryllium window, with an opening length of 10mm, an opening width of 40mm with a beryllium thickness of 250 microns, and a baron nitride coating, the part number would be:

Beryllium Windows

​ADC produces beryllium window assemblies that incorporate state-of-the-art bonding of beryllium to OFHC copper. These assemblies typically include TIG-welded lengths of stainless steel pipe and vacuum flanges. 
Better beryllium foil surface finish and/or customization is available upon request.


Standard Surface Finish: is ~ 1.0 micrometer Ra​
Vacuum Tested: Better than 5 x 10 –10 torr 
Leak Rate: Less than 2 x 10 –10 mbar-l / Sec