Front End Beamlines for CHESS-U

ADC's designs and services front ends and beamlines. 
This includes, but is not limited to:
Beamline control system, Equipment protection system, Design of complex brazing and special welding, Ray-tracing, including measured optical elements profile, Selection of cooling scheme for mirrors and crystals, Cryo-cooling design optimization, and operation training. 

Beamlines & Beamline Components

Beamline Components

​ADC's standard beamline components, as with all of ADC's products, can be customized to meet customer requirements. 

Please contact ADC for pricing for these items. 


ADC has completed the manufacturing and assembly of three identical x-ray front ends for the CHESS-U upgrade.

To reduce installation time at CHESS, all Front End components are assembled onto a single support beam and precisely aligned. ​​

Fluorescent Screen Assembly (FC-204)


For further information or to discuss your individual requirement, please contact adc@adc9001.com
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