2D Drawing

Precision Attenuator for Hard X-Rays (ABS-300)

ADC has licensed and is offering a Precision Attenuator for Hard X-Rays (ABS-300) that was developed over many years at the synchrotron radiation source PETRA III at DESY.  This system will provide the ability for scientists to reduce the incident x-ray flux to any desired value. 

Technical Features-

  • 12 Foil carriers, 2.1cm x 2.1cm square aperture (20 mm x 15 mm effective aperture)
  • Foil carriers can be loaded with other items of similar size such as photodiodes
  • Foils can easily be exchanged for others of different metal and thickness, including calibration foils
  • Low power electrically controlled
  • Easy filter/absorber changes (using pressurized air: 3 – 8 bar), speed is adjustable​