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Emergency Line Stop with Tungsten Backing

The photon absorber is a length of beam pipe made from copper, with a thick, water-cooled upper wall.  When closed, one end of the pipe is lowered so that the upper interior surface blocks the beam path with a ramp to spread the deposited power over a wide area.  The robust frame is made from two mirror-imaged aluminum plates and cross bars cut from 80/20© 15-Series extrusion.  For security, features on the tungsten block engage with features on the copper absorber to hold the two together, while the added bolts are safety-wired to prevent tampering.  NEG pumps and vacuum diagnostics connect to ports on the absorber section.  The absorber is opened and closed by a pneumatic cylinder, and fails closed under loss of air pressure.

Key Specifications:





Range of Motion

21 [0.827]

mm [inch]

Range of Motion

17.4 [1]

mrad [degree]

Upstream Flange

6” CF


Downstream Flange

8” CF



112.3 [247]

kg [lb.]