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Bremsstrahlung Safety Shutter

The shutter consists of a stationary, U-shaped block of tungsten into and out of which the moving block is raised and lowered to open and close the shutter.  These blocks are made with sloped walls and overlaps to ensure there are no gaps allowing direct line of sight through the tungsten.  If the actuator fails or the moving bock becomes disconnected, the moving block falls into the closed position and is held by the stationary block.


Key Specifications:





Range of Motion

46 [1.811]

mm [inch]


108 [240]

kg [lbs.]

Horizontal Aperture

75 [2.953]

mm [inch]

Vertical Aperture

-14 / +25 [-0.551 / +0.984]

(not centered on beam)

mm [inch]

Tungsten Profile (Closed)

76.2 [3] tall x 127 [5] wide

mm [inch]

Tungsten Thickness

228.6 [9] nominal

190.5 [7.5] minimum

mm [inch]