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State-of-the-art high-resolution extreme-ultraviolet-light (EUV) microscope



ADC USA, Inc. is introducing a state-of-the-art high-resolution extreme-ultraviolet-light (EUV) microscope.  


This system contains a state-of-the-art high-resolution extreme-ultraviolet-light (EUV) microscope for imaging of EUV photomasks. These photomasks are critical components in photolithography—the process used to mass-produce semiconductor electronic devices.


Major components of the system include: a large vacuum chamber to house the experimental area; active vibration control system; 3 axis in-vacuum motion stages; and an automated load-lock for inserting the EUV photomasks.


The system is designed for nm-scale stability, light exclusion (internal darkness), and ease of maintenance. It operates near ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions, requiring a base pressure of 1e-7 Torr, and therefore has a high degree of cleanliness and the exclusive use of compatible materials and components that do not outgas. Owing to the high resolution of the microscope (down to 30-nm), the system is designed for nm-scale relative stability of the critical mask and (zone plate) lens over exposure time periods up to one minute. It is designed so internal components do not radiate light into the chamber, or “glow” from internal heat generation.


A mask-transfer system enables masks to be loaded and unloaded from the system chamber. The mask transfer system gently, cleanly, and safely handles the mask loading, installation, unloading and removal.


The Mask XYZ stage is the heart of the system and the primary navigation tool in the system. Specifications for the XYZ stages are as follows:



Table 1. Mask stage specifications. Axis

Travel (mm)

Resolution (nm)

Repeatability (μm)



< 100




< 100




< 50





The system is designed for 5-nm stability over 30 seconds between the mask and zone plate, during measurement. This is accomplished with high resolution encoders for each axis and the active vibration control system that isolates the XYZ stages.  For more information please contact: Alex Deyhim at email: alex.deyhim@adc9001.com   phone: 607-533-3531.


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