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SLT-1200-Cooled UHV High Heat Load OFHC-Glidcop Slit


This slit system is designed to accommodate a white beam with heat fluxes of >240 W/mm2 from an undulator beamline.  The slit consists of two water cooled aperture blocks made of OFHC Copper mounted on high precision motion stages which drive the apertures in planes perpendicular to the beam.  Each block has a fixed 3 mm tall by 5 mm wide downstream aperture, with four tungsten edges to sharply define the beam, and is cooled by a single water circuit which connects to the facility cooling system.  The effective aperture is adjusted from the full size down to closed by controlling the position of the two aperture blocks relative to each other.  The motion stages are ball screw driven and guided by crossed roller bearings. 


The advantages of this design are:


  • No motion feed through into vacuum
  • Easy access to all moving parts
  • Easy access to all wiring
  • Other motion stages and/or motors and gearboxes can be substituted easily
  • Aperture size can be scaled easily to fit customer needs
  • Structurally and thermally more robust than a four-blade slit for similar heat loads
  • System can be baked to 120° C