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ALS-Slits-Ion Chamber Assembly

In this assembly, standard products are used to meet a customer requirement for a specific, demagnetized x-ray image with sharp edges.  The system is used for analyzing small material samples under high pressure in a diamond anvil.  The unit consists of ten individually motorized tungsten blades, which are located at precise, defined dimensions along the beam axis.  Additional provisions include a removable, gas-filled ion chamber for checking the beam energy prior to running tests, an observation window in another specific location, and a pump-down tube to evacuate the slits downstream of the ion chamber.


ADC offers a large assortment of synchrotron and neutron equipment including; High Precision Slits, Optical Tables, Lead Shielded Beam Pipes, Micro Ion Chambers, Split Two Axis Ion Chambers, Mirror Systems, Monochromators, Spectrometers, Insertion Devices (EPU, Wiggler, Planar, In-Vacuum, Apple), ID Measurement System and many other Beamline Components. Our products are being used at many synchrotron, neutron, and x-ray facilities around the world including; APS, NSLS, ALS, DLS, NSRRC, BESSY, DESY, CHESS, ESRF, BSRF, CAMD, NSRL, PAL, LNLS, CLS, SSRF, ANKA, KEK, SPring-8, ASP, ELETTRA, MAX-LAB.