About ADC
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APS UHV, high precision slit



ADC engineered a custom UHV, high precision, slit for Advanced Photon Source.



These slit system were designed for UHV and can be used for apertures up to 50mm x 50mm. Blades are actuated independently by 4 actuators mounted on the slit body. This slit system was designed to be robust and easily serviceable. The slits unit consists of vertical and horizontal slit mechanisms, a vacuum vessel which houses them, connected to the individual blades, micro stepper motors with linear encoders, mechanical limit switches, and electrical connections including internal wiring for drain current measurement system. Imaging screen is scintillation crystals processed to a thin flat surface plate that serves as excellent imaging screens with high spatial resolution. There are four fiduciary marks provided per slit unit. All UHV sections are vacuum rated for better than 5x10-10 mbar and have a leak rate of less than 1x10-9 mbar-l/s.