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SwissFEL High Precision Slits (Curtain Design)



The SwissFEL baseline design produce FEL pulses covering the wavelength range 1 Å to 70 Å (0.1–7 nm) with a compact and economic design.

These custom high precision slits for SwissFEL were designed for UHV that can be used for apertures up to 25mm x 25mm. This curtain slit allows a gap to be set and allows that set gap to be scanned across the full travel. The full range of scan motion allowable for the slit is 25mm. The allowable gap for the slit is 25mm max with 5mm allowable blade overlap. Both the gap and scan axes feature burgess limit switches. Each axis is also encoded using a Renishaw incremental encoder. All of the actuator components (bearing rails, ballscrews, limit switches, encoders, and ballscrews) are located outside of the UHV chamber. This eliminates the need for special lubricants on the actuator bearings. It also allows for the actuators to be adjusted, aligned, and serviced with the system installed on the beamline. A rigid connection between the slit blade and the actuator guarantees that encoder readings at the actuator are accurate.


Key Specifications:




Maximum Aperture

25 [~1]

mm [“]

Blade Overlap

5 [~.2]

mm [“]

Blade Materials

Tungsten, Tantalum, Copper


Blade Thickness

4 [~.16]

mm [“]

Scan Range of Motion

+/- 12.5 [~.5]

mm [“]

Gap Range of Motion

+25 [~1] / -10 [~.4]

mm [“]

Scan Resolution (unit/step)

~ 0.000182


Gap Resolution (unit/step)

~ 0.000179



120 [265]

Kg [lbs]

Encoder Manuf.



Encoder Resolution



Vacuum Level

< 10-9


Beamline Connection

DN100 (6”) CF