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UHV Slit System for ESRF

The high precision slit system is designed for UHV and can be used for apertures up to 25mm x 25mm. Blades are actuated independently by 4 actuators mounted on the slit body. This slit system was designed to be robust and easily serviceable. All of the actuator components (bearing rails, limit switches, encoders, and ballscrews) are located outside of the UHV chamber. This eliminates the need for special lubricants on the actuator bearings. It also allows for the actuators to be adjusted, aligned, and serviced with the system installed on the beamline. A rigid connection between the slit blade and the actuator guarantees that encoder readings at the actuator are accurate. Modal analysis with FEA and physical tests were done during the design to make sure there are no resonant frequencies below 200 Hz at the blade. The UHV chamber has 4 spare DN40 CF ports for connecting pumping and diagnostics. Edge-welded UHV bellows connect the chamber to the blade actuator. Blades can be removed through the inside diameter of the bellows. The bellows themselves can be removed with the unit still installed on the Beamline within an hour not days.




  • 0.09 µm precision
  • Renishaw Encoder  (Absolute)
  • High Accuracy Ball Screw Drive
  • 1 µm Home Limit Switch
  • Ability to monitor the beam
  • Blade material; Tungsten
  • Roughness of the jaw edge surface: <0.2µm(rms)
  • Blades can go "past closed" without clashing (Overlapping/Zero beam).
  • Aperture size: 25 mm x 25 mm