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High Heat Load UHV Slit System for ESRF ID11 Pinhole Mono



The high heat load precision UHV slit system is being designed and built for ID11 beamline at the ESRF. The white beam from the undulator source is collimated by a fixed aperture and then focused by compound refractive lenses (transfocator: variable number of refractive lenses according to the beam energy to be focused). The slits used as “Pinhole monochromator” is located at the beam focus point which is about 10 microns in size for the chosen X-ray energy.  ID11 is a beamline dedicated to moderate to high energy diffraction imaging studies of a variety of systems of interest for their physical, mechanical, or chemical properties. Very high spatial (<100 nm) and time (1 ms) resolution are offered.



- Incoming beam size Horizontal x Vertical = 1mm x 1mm.

- Beam heat load: Power density of 160W/mm2.

- Energy range: 10 to 80 keV

- Blade Thickness: 5 mm

- At 30m Fixed aperture HxV 600x600 μm2

- At 49m Slits used as Pinhole monochromator

- Slits aperture 30mm x 30mm

- Pinhole mono mode: the slits is used to define an aperture of variable size from 10 to 100μm

   in steps of 2μm in horizontal and vertical.

- Slits blade do overlap.

- Vacuum: Pressure of 10-8 mbar.

- Precision: Slits scan a 10μm slit gap across the beam (2mm travel) with variation of 2μm slits

   gap during the scan.