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UHV Slit System….with YAG Crystal

The high precision UHV slit system was designed for DLS I05 Nano ARPES Beamline. http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Beamlines/Surfaces-and-Interfaces/I05.html The total apertures is 25mm x 25mm. Each blade is actuated independently by the 4 actuators mounted to the slit body. This slit system is designed to be especially easy to service. There are no bearing rails, limit switches, encoders, or drive screws within the slit chamber. This eliminates the need for special lubricants and allows the actuators to be adjusted, aligned, and serviced with the system installed in the beamline.


This slits application required using fluorescent screen fixed to vertical upper and lower blade, that was single crystal YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet).