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Synchrotron/Neutron/Fusion » Synchrotron » High Precision Slits » Custom Slits » SLT-800-1 UHV Flexure Design White/Pink Beam Exit Slit System:
SLT-800-1 UHV Flexure Design White/Pink Beam Exit Slit System:


The flexure design slits unit consists of vertical and horizontal slit mechanisms, a vacuum vessel which houses them, connected to the individual blades, micro stepper motors with linear encoders, limit (home position) switches and electrical connections including internal wiring for drain current measurement system.


The total slit size is adjustable from 2000 microns to 0 microns in both vertical and horizontal directions. The actuation is such that the blade pairs move symmetrically about a central point. The slit will go to a completely closed position.


  • 0.1 µm Micron precision
  • Renishaw Encoder
  • High Accuracy Ball Screw Drive
  • 1 µm Home Limit Switch
  • Ability to monitor the beam
  • Best slit blade edges in the synchrotron community!!!
  • Blade material; Tungsten or Tantalum, Tungsten Carbide, Cadmium, Boron Nitride
  • Roughness of the jaw edge surface: <0.2µm(rms)
  • Blades can go "past closed" without clashing (Overlapping/Zero beam).
  • Aperture size: 1 mm x 1 mm
  • Custom configuration is possible, please contact ADC.


Stand Motion Specification



Horizontal Motions

Vertical Motions


-10mm to +10mm

-6mm to +6mm