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ANSTO Kookaburra Instrument Slits

ADC custom designed and built two slits for Kookaburra Instrument  located at ANSTO Neutron facility.  The blades are mounted on preloaded carriages that are guided by miniature ball guide rails.  The blades are fully scannable.  A Kubler Absolute Multiturn Rotary Encoder is used to track the position of the blades.  The limits are lever style snap-action switches.  Connectors will be circular MIL Spec Metal Connectors as specified by the customer.


ADC has developed the most complete set of high-precision slits for Neutron applications. 


  • Micron precision
  • High radiation resistance components such as motors, brake, and encoders
  • Blade material;
    • Cadmium, Boron Nitride, Boron Carbide and/or composite structure consisting of several materials,
  • Blades can go "past closed" without clashing (Overlapping/Zero beam).
  • Standard sizes:
    • (10 mm X 10 mm aperture)
    • (25 mm X 25 mm aperture)
    • (60 mm X 60 mm aperture)
    • (100 mm X 100 mm aperture)
    • (150 mm X 150 mm aperture)
  • Customized to Customer Specifications; size, blade material, etc.
  • Air or Vacuum


All of these slits use standard micro stepped stepper motors that could be controlled with a wide array of controllers/drivers available on the market.  We now do 100% inspection on all our slits blades being sold.  For a copy of the report please contact ADC.