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SNS Custom SLT-100-30

Neutron Scattering Slits


ADC has developed the most complete set of high-precision slits for Neutron applications. 


  • Micron precision
  • High radiation resistance components such as motors, brake, and encoders
  • Blade material;
    • Cadmium, Boron Nitride, Boron Carbide and/or composite structure consisting of several materials,
  • Blades can go "past closed" without clashing (Overlapping/Zero beam).
  • Standard sizes:
    • (10 mm X 10 mm aperture)
    • (25 mm X 25 mm aperture)
    • (60 mm X 60 mm aperture)
    • (100 mm X 100 mm aperture)
    • (150 mm X 150 mm aperture)
  • Customized to Customer Specifications; size, blade material, etc.
  • Air or Vacuum


All of these slits use standard micro stepped stepper motors that could be controlled with a wide array of controllers/drivers available on the market.  We now do 100% inspection on all our slits blades being sold.  For a copy of the report please contact ADC.