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NSLS II Segmented Adaptive-Gap In-Vacuum Undulator



The NSLS-II storage ring is 792 m in length designed to deliver photons with high average spectral brightness in the 2 keV to 10 keV energy range exceeding 1021 ph/s/0.1%BW/mm2/mrad2. The ring will operate at 3 GeV, which is considered medium range, yet the brightness and flux are what will make NSLS-II unique.


Undulator Type

Segmented Adaptive-Gap In-Vacuum Undulator

Number of Segments


Length of Magnet Assemblies

1632 mm


This design covers the optimization of segmented in-vacuum undulators, in which different segments along an undulator may have different gaps and periods. This enables close matching between the gaps and the vertical "envelope" of electron beam motion in a storage ring straight section (carefully satisfying the associated vertical "stay clear" constraint) and, at the same time, precise tuning of all the segments to the same fundamental photon energy.


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