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SPring-8 (Super Photon ring-8 GeV)

SPring-8 is a large synchrotron radiation facility which delivers the most powerful synchrotron radiation currently available. Consisting of narrow, powerful beams of electromagnetic radiation, synchrotron radiation is produced when electron beams, accelerated to nearly the speed of light, are forced to travel in a curved path by a magnetic field. The research conducted at SPring-8, located in Harima Science Park City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, includes nanotechnology, biotechnology and industrial applications. The name "SPring-8" is derived from "Super Photon ring-8 GeV" (8 GeV, or 8 giga electron volts, being the power output of the ring). SPring-8 was opened in 1997 to industrial, academic and government users, domestic and international. Any user whose application is accepted may use the facility. SPring-8 is managed by RIKEN, with the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) in charge of operation, maintenance and promotion of use.



Examples ADC’s work for Spring-8:

Rotational Platform for NSRRC SPring-8



High Precision Cryostat Holder for Spring-8



Taiwan Spectrometer for Inelastic X-ray Measurements at SPring-8



Standard Synchrotron Slits



Standard Ion Chambers