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US Department of Transportation awards ADC a grant to develop Concrete Environmental Monitoring Sensors
12/03/2008 - 11/30/-0001


Lansing, NY, January 3, 2008 – Concrete is the number one building material used worldwide. Its usage is estimated at over 130 million metric tons annually. The ability to monitor the health of concrete structures in critical structures such as bridges can result in saving money and lives.

Advanced Design Consulting USA (ADC), of Lansing, N.Y., has been awarded a grant from the US Department of Transportation to design and develop Concrete Environmental Monitoring Sensors. Data obtained from these sensors will result in longer service life, lower infrastructure costs and the development of a more effective means of remediation.

“With infrastructure costs escalating it is becoming essential to monitor the health of concrete structures so that timely maintenance can maximize their useful lives.” says Alexander Deyhim, President of ADC.

“This project will demonstrate the feasibility of using a passive sensor, embedded within concrete, to measure moisture, temperature, pH, and concentrations of chlorides. It will provide critical data for evaluating concrete performance starting with the initial quality control period of freshly mixed or freshly cast concrete, through its useful service life, to the period of deterioration and repair.” said Eric Van Every, Director of Research and Operations at ADC.

About the company: Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. is a privately owned company organized and structured to provide technical services to all types of clients from small scientific entrepreneurs to universities, government agencies and private industries. The firm’s expertise and activities are primarily related to engineering design, research and development, testing and custom fabrication. It searches for innovative solutions to difficult problems. To order a copy of the free catalog, call (607) 533-3531 or send an e-mail toadc@adc9001.com .  For further information, visit the ADC Web site at www.adc9001.com .