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ADC Announces Release of Eight New Product Catalogs
03/01/2012 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, March 1, 2012 -- ADC USA has announced the publication of eight new catalogs showcasing its line of standard and custom products. From design to development and customer support, the ADC catalogs deliver unprecedented ingenuity and creativity that
are designed to work with both stand-alone and integrated solutions.


ADC offers several innovative products within its line of synchrotron and neutron engineered solutions. The catalogs also include overall information on technical precisions and specifications.

Alexander Deyhim, president of ADC says, “While many companies reduced spending on research and development during the recent economic downturn, we significantly increased our spending to accelerate new products to the market. The set of eight catalogs is a true testament to ADC’s commitment to staying on the development of cutting edge products and technologies”.

Catalogs Include:
• Motorized High Precision Stages
• High Precision Systems
• High Precision Slits
• Synchrotron Experimental Equipment
• Neutron/HEP Project
• Synchrotron Beamline Components
• Optical Tables
• Insertion Devices

To download a copy of any of the catalogs, visit the “About Us” page on our website:
http://www.adc9001.com/ABOUT-US/Catalogs.Or, contact us at adc@adc9001.com to request a hard copy.

About the company: Founded in 1995, ADC USA, Inc. custom design devices, integrated
systems and a broad array of high-precision components and instruments for commercial, academic and government agencies worldwide. The company’s work covers mechanical design, control instrumentation, control software, manufacturing and assembly, and installation and training. For additional information, visit the ADC web site at www.adc9001.com.