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ADC Announces the Introduction of Precision Attenuator for Hard X-Rays (ABS-300)
06/20/2011 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, June 20, 2011 -- ADC USA, Inc. has licensed and is offering a Precision Attenuator for Hard X-Rays (ABS-300) that was developed over several years at the synchrotron radiation source PETRA III at DESY. PETRA III is the most brilliant storagering-based X-ray radiation source and the most powerful light source of its kind in the world. This system will provide the ability for scientist to reduce the incident x-ray flux to any desired value.


"The ABS-300 Precision Attenuator for Hard X-Rays is a great addition to a large family of standard products that ADC has developed over the last seven years for the High Energy Physics community” says Alexander Deyhim, President and CEO of ADC.


For many applications at hard x-ray beamlines at lab sources and synchrotron radiation sources the detected intensity spans more than six orders of magnitude. An integrated flux of more than one million counts per second is far too much for most of the detectors which can even be severely damaged on saturation. For this reason, x-ray beamlines are equipped with so-called attenuators (or absorbers) which reduce the beam load on the detector by blocking the beam with a (for x-rays) semi-transparent material (called filter or foil).


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