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ADC Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary
10/28/2010 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, October 28, 2010 -- ADC, USA, Inc., a provider of integrated engineering technology solutions for government laboratories, universities, government agencies and private industries celebrates its fifteen year anniversary today. Since it’s founding on October, 1995, ADC has delivered hundreds of complex turn-key devices, integrated systems and a broad array of high-precision components and instruments to commercial, academic and government agencies worldwide.


"Over the last fifteen years, ADC has remained strong throughout the many changes in the economic climate," said Alexander Deyhim, President and CEO of ADC. "I attribute our success to two things: First, our committed and dedicated staff developing new designs and continuously reinventing the company’s operation, and second, ADC’s continuous financial reinvestment back to ADC adding new capabilities, infrastructure and staff training. This serves both our customers and our company very well, particularly during harder economic times.  The company's track record of results and success is due to its investment in people, processes, and technology.”


About the company: Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. is a privately owned company organized and structured to provide technical services to all types of clients from small scientific entrepreneurs to universities, government agencies and private industries. The firm’s expertise and activities are primarily related to engineering design, research and development, testing and custom fabrication. It searches for innovative solutions to difficult problems. To order a copy of the free catalog, call (607) 533-3531 or send an e-mail to adc@adc9001.com .  For further information, visit the ADC Web site at www.adc9001.com .