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Advanced Design Consulting Announces Formation of Its Scientific Advisory Board
07/20/2005 - 11/30/-0001

Lansing, NY, July 18, 2005 ADC has put together a highly distinguished scientific advisors 

representing top corporations, research and learning institutions around the world to make up the Scientific Advisory Board. The combination of ADC’s internal scientists and the Scientific Advisory Board comprises the most extraordinary group of scientists ever assembled by an engineering company. This diverse network promotes penetrating and clear-sighted discovery throughout different scientific areas. Exploring new possibilities, testing hypotheses, contributing a diverse and abundant variety of expert viewpoints—all this illuminates and enriches the work, translating into the finest engineering products in the industry. 


This board includes:  


Mr. John Adamson, NASA Astronaut; Chief Executive, Honeywell Technology 



Prof. Sandip Tiwari, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering;  Lester B. 

Knight Director of Cornell Nanofabrication Facility 


Prof. Sidney Leibovich, S.C. Thomas Sze Director; Samuel B. Eckert Professor of 

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Director, Sibley School of Mechanical and 

Aerospace Engineering 



Prof. Bahgat Sammakia, Director of the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center; 

Executive Director for Economic Development at Binghamton University; Interim Vice 

President for Research 


Dr. Paul Goldsmith, James A. Weeks Professor of Physical Sciences; Chair of the 

Scientific and  Technical Advisory Committee for the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) 


Prof. Shefford Baker, Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor, 

Materials Science and Engineering 


Prof. Richard Chaplin, Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Reading 


 Mr. Ron Myers, Chairman of the Board of Sheltered Work Shop Inc. 



About the company: Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC) is a privately owned company organized and structured to provide technical services to all types of clients from small scientific entrepreneurs to universities, government agencies and private industries. The firm’s expertise and activities are primarily related to engineering design, research and development, testing and custom fabrication. It searches for innovative solutions to difficult problems. To learn more about ADC products and services, visit the website at www.adc9001.com.