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ADC Releases New 2009 High Precision Slits Catalog
Lansing, NY, March 17, 2009 – Advanced Design Consulting's new 2009 55-page full color catalog of High Precision Slits provides information on a comprehensive line of slits that covers both Synchrotron and Neutron applications from white beam to monochromatic beam.
ADC Wins Pact to Move Ahead with Concrete Sensors
Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC) will spend the next two years developing implanted concrete sensors to monitor the health of bridges and roads.
The road to safety: To stave off concrete bridge deck and road failures, ADC receives more funding to develop sensors.
Lansing, NY, February 26th, 2009 – As more concrete road surfaces - whether they are on bridge decks or firm ground - deteriorate due to lack of consistent maintenance, the federal government is poised to provide funding for improving America's infrastructure. Toward that goal, Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (ADC), of Lansing, N.Y., has received a two-year contract from the U.S. Department of Transportation, for Phase II development of implanted concrete sensors in bridges and roadways.
Advanced Design Consulting Announced New 2009 High Precision Motorized Optical Tables Catalog
Provides information on two series; Six Degrees of Freedom and Two Degrees of Freedom products used by physicists, chemists, biologists, and mechanical and aerospace engineers
Lansing firm gets grant to develop concrete sensors
LANSING, NY — Advanced Design Consulting USA of Lansing has been awarded a federal grant to design and develop sensors that would be embedded within concrete structures to monitor their performance and need for repairs, the company announced Thursday.
US Department of Transportation awards ADC a grant to develop Concrete Environmental Monitoring Sensors
Lansing, NY, January 3, 2008 – Concrete is the number one building material used worldwide. Its usage is estimated at over 130 million metric tons annually. The ability to monitor the health of concrete structures in critical structures such as bridges can result in saving money and lives.
Advanced Design changes course on expansion plans
New headquarters expansion on hold
The little model rocket-engines that could
ADC finds the power for the next-generation rescue jaw and spreader
ADC showcases some of its cutting-edge technologies
Advanced Design Consulting’s new 2008/2009 brochure describes a number of cutting edge technologies...
ADC showcases its Weapon Shot Counter at ASNE
Advanced Design Consulting will show the new Weapon Shot Counter at the Symposium organized by the Indiana Section of ASNE...