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Cornell, ADC tackling rescue ropes issue for U.S. Navy copters
Engineers from Advanced Design Consulting in Lansing, New York meet with Cornell graduate students, led by professor Stuart Leigh Phoenix (pointing), in the machine shop of ADC’s Ridge Road facility. Pictured, left to right, are master’s students Timothy Lai and Sarah Choe; Phoenix; ADC engineer Brian Hoza and Director of Operations Eric Van Every; master’s student Matias Werner; and ADC President Alex Deyhim, M.Eng ’93, MBA ’98.
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ADC’s Instruments Appear in Prestigious Journal
ADC announced today that FOUR of the complex Instruments built by ADC were part of four major articles published in the latest issue of Neutron News.
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ADC Completes Manufacturing Expansion
ADC announced today that it has completed its latest manufacturing expansion that was started about a year ago. This addition bring ADC’s overall space to over 22,000 sq ft tripling ADC’s manufacturing capacity.
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Cornellians Develop Ropes For Military Use
The Cornell Daily Sun 4-19/2016, http://cornellsun.com/2016/04/19/cornellians-develop-ropes-for-military-use/   A group of Cornellians  have teamed up with Advanced Design Consulting in Lansing, N.Y. to develop a synthetic rope for hoist systems used in the U.S. naval rescue helicopters.
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ADC's Worldwide market leads to Lansing growth
Workers at ADC Inc., which makes complex scientific components and instruments.
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ADC Receives It’s ITAR Certification
Lansing, NY, March 1, 2016 -- ADC announced today that it has received its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) certification.
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Advanced Design Consulting is growing again
Alex Deyhim started ADC at Cornell’s Langmuir Labs near the airport, in 1995, and is adding 5,000 square feet in Lansing Along Ridge Road, four doors north of the main fire station, Advanced Design Consulting (ADC) is growing again.   
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Ithaca Company Contributes to Fusion Reactor
Ithaca Business Times   Ithaca Comapny Contributes to Fusion Reactor ADC of Lansing is designing and manufacturing hardware that may help revolutionizw energy production
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“Pellet Selector” as part of the International ITER project for Fusion
A new article regarding the ITER project has been published on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory website this week.  It features ADC’s contribution to the project using the pellet selector which directs pellets to different outputs in a fusion reactor.  
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Round Table Meeting with Sen. Kristen Gillibrand
Alexander Deyhim, founder and CEO of ADC USA Inc., was invited to join the conference held to discuss the economic growth of the region on August 3rd 2015.  This event was held at the Ithaca Startup Works, Ithaca’s Downtown Incubator, by U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand and Cornell President Elizabeth Garrett.
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