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Taiwan Spectrometer for Inelastic X-ray Measurements at SPring-8

This spectrometer is operating at the Spring-8 synchrotron in Japan as part of a dedicated inelastic beamline (BL12XU). The system is used for investigating electronic excitations with milli-electron volt resolution; therefore many of the specifications require high precision, and accuracy on the micron level. The 3-meter analyzer arm on the spectrometer needs to have an angular stability measured in arc seconds over a long range of travel, under vacuum conditions.


The spectrometer is designed for several types of inelastic X-ray measurements, such as performing non-resonant inelastic X-ray scattering, which directly measures the dynamical structure factor, S(q,w), of the sample. The scientific focus is to study the single-particle and collective electronic excitations in many-body systems. The incident table allows for diagnostics, attenuation of the highly monochromatic beam, and reduction of parasitic scattering. In addition to the standard capability of orienting the sample, the spectrometer will be used with large magnets, furnaces, or a specially designed cryostat with a fine-positioning carrier, for measurement of samples in extreme environments.