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SSRF Magnetic Field Measurement System


Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, SSRF, is a third-generation of synchrotron radiation light source. The energy of storage ring is 3.5GeV, which is the highest value in the medium-energy light source. Its performance is optimized in the wide used X-ray energy region. By using advanced technology of insertion devices, not only high brilliance synchrotron radiation light with 1~5keV photon energy can be generated, but also high brilliance hard X-ray with 5~20 keV photon energy can be generated, which have the similar properties as which is generated by high-energy light source (6~8GeV).


Granite Dimensions

Length – 5500 mm,  Width - 300 mm,  Height - 300 mm,  Weight - 3992 Kg

Travel – Hall Bench

Longitudinal Axis – 5000 mm

Vertical – 250 mm, 

Horizontal - 250 mm

Position Feedback

Longitudinal Axis - 100 nm per count , Renishaw Laser

Vertical Axis – 100 nm per count, Heidenhain Glass Scale

Horizontal Axis – 100 nm per count, Heidenhain Glass Scale

Magnetic Field Measurement

Range - .1 Gauss to 2 Tesla in Y and Z, 1.717 T in X

Repeatability –  Y average 1st Std Dev - .7 G

X average 1st Std Dev - .2 G

Travel - Flip Coil

Vertical – 300 mm, 

Horizontal - 500 mm

Rotation - +/- 360 degrees


ADC USA (ISO 9001 certified), located near Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, is a leading developer and supplier of complex scientific components and instruments for large government laboratories and corporations around the world. Founded as a privately held company in 1995, ADC has grown into one of world’s leading technology companies and has enjoyed 18 straight years of business growth and profitability with more than 500 customers located in over 26 countries. We have developed capabilities, design, procedures and training staff to provide “Turn-Key” Insertion Devices (Undulators) and Magnetic Measurement Systems complete with in-house and customer site training.