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Rotation Stages
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RS-100 RS-200 RS-300 RS-400
RS-500 RS-600 RS-700
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Precision Rotation Stages


ADC’s precision rotation stages are built upon an industry leading, preloaded, duplexed angular contact bearing set. These stages not only give an exceptionally high running accuracy, but allow for large radial and thrust loads as well. Each stage is driven by a precision ground worm gear set and a high resolution, high torque stepper motor. Backlash is reduced by employing a flexure style shimming technique to preload the worm and worm wheel.


ADC manufactures high quality motion control products and systems that are qualified for Semi-conductor, Automation, and Aerospace industries.  Our extensive product line includes;  linear stages, lift stages (Jacks), rotation stages, goniometers, gantry systems, optical tables, vacuum compatible motion systems, and Nanotechnology positioners.