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PMA-100-HV & UHV

The PMA-100 high performance motorized linear actuator is used in ADC’s Exit Slits. It features a precision preloaded ball screw, mounted concentric with the non-rotating output and perpendicular to the mounting surface of its rugged housing. This configuration makes it equally adept at push-only or push-pull type applications at significantly higher loads than competitive offerings. There are no reflected loads to the preloaded linear slide that provides guidance. Therefore, the accuracy potential of its micro-stepping motor and high precision linear encoder are met throughout its loading envelope. Optical switches indicate travel limits and zero position. A non-traversing tapered connection attaches to your shaft for pull-push mode, or a steel tooling ball is mounted for push-only mode. A manual knob allows sensitive touch-off zero confirmation in push mode applications.


The HV and UHV versions of the PMA-100 are designed to function in vacuum environments.