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Magnetic Field Measurement Systems

ADC magnetic field measurement system is a sophisticated and sensitive machine for the measurement of magnetic fields in undulators (Planar, EPU, and Apple II), wigglers, and in-vacuum ID units. The magnetic fields are measured using 3 axis hall-effect probes, mounted orthogonally to a thin wand. The wand is mounted to a carriage that rides on vacuum air bearings. The base is granite. A flip coil is provided on two vertical towers with X, Y and Theta axes. Special software is provided to assist in homing, movement, and data collection.


Granite: Dimensions-     1 m W x 1 m H x 8 m L

Flatness – 25 um overall; Straightness – 25 um overall


Travel: X – 400 mm,                         Resolution - .1 um,              Accuracy - +/- 1 um

                Y – 400 mm,                   Resolution - .1 um,               Accuracy - +/- 1 um

                Z – 7500 mm,                  Resolution - .1 um,              Accuracy - +/- .5 ppm

                Theta - +/- 180 degrees,   Resolution - .005 degrees,    Accuracy – 2 arc sec

                Pitch -  +/- 10 degrees,     Resolution - .005 degrees,    Accuracy – 2 arc sec


Nominal Beam Height – 1200 mm (please specify)

Hall Probe – Senis 2D Hall probe: J-YZb-20_Eb-400Hz-LN-1T 

                                                Max Range: +/- 2T

                                                Resolution – 1 uT

                                                Linear Range (Blr)  - +/- 1T

                                                Accuracy - .5% Blr

                                                Linearity - .25% Blr

                                                Sensitivity – 5V/T (0.5 mV/G)


Motion Controller – Galil DMC-4080, DMC-4040

Control Software – Wavemetrics IGOR

Analysis Software – ESRF B2E

Flip Coil Repeatability – 1 Gcm or better

Flip Coil Resolution – 0.1 Gcm or better


We have designed, built and delivered Insertion Devices and Magnetic Measurement Systems to such facilities as; MAX-Lab (EPU, Planar-2, and Measurement System), ALBA and Australian Synchrotron Project (Wiggler), BNL (Cryo In-Vacuum), SSRF (In-Vacuum – 2, and Measurement System), PAL (In-Vacuum and Measurement System), NSRRC (In-Vacuum), and SRC (Planar and EPU). ADC can provide “Turn-Key” Insertion Devices and Magnetic Measurement Systems complete with in-house and customer site training.


ADC, Inc. is a hands-on engineering company located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. We custom design complex devices, integrated systems and a broad array of high-precision components and instruments (UHV and High Vacuum, Active vibration, sub-µ precision, custom control/driver and control software based on customer requirements….) for Synchrotron, High Energy Physics Facilities, commercial, academic and government agencies, worldwide. We have over 17 years of experience, trained technicians, engineers, physicist, extensive vacuum cleaning and testing capabilities, clean rooms for assembly, manufacturing capabilities, and a solid operation.