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ADC's ion chambers are designed for precise, low noise x-ray measurement. The electrodes are constructed of nickel plated copper on fiberglass supports, all housed within a nickel plated aluminum frame. Each electrode is connected to an SHV connector. ¼" push to connect style fittings comprises the gas connections.


The device allows users to determine the change in beam position in a single axis by comparing two signals that are created as the beam passes through the Ion Chamber.  By connecting two Ion Chambers together at 90° you can determine the horizontal and vertical beam position. The system can be configured for air, vacuum, or ultrahigh vacuum operation through one of three interfaces.


One unique feature of the IC-400 & IC-500 series precision ion chambers is the incorporation of a split collector plate.  The electrode is split in a saw tooth configuration with a height of approximately 10mm, 15mm, and 25mm such that, when the differential current is computed, allows use as a beam position monitor.  Custom configuration of the window and electrode sizes is available upon request.


ADC offers a large assortment of synchrotron and neutron equipment including; High Precision Slits, Optical Tables, Lead Shielded Beam Pipes, Micro Ion Chambers, Split Two Axis Ion Chambers, Mirror Systems, Monochromators, Spectrometers, Insertion Devices (EPU, Wiggler, Planar, In-Vacuum, Apple), ID Measurement System and many other Beamline Components.  Our products are being used at many synchrotron, neutron, and x-ray facilities around the world including; APS, NSLS, ALS, DLS, NSRRC, BESSY, DESY, CHESS, ESRF, BSRF, CAMD, NSRL, PAL, LNLS, CLS, SSRF, ANKA, KEK, SPring-8, ASP, ELETTRA, MAX-LAB.