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CLS Planar Undulator


The Canadian Light Source is Canada’s national centre for synchrotron research and a global centre of excellence in synchrotron science and its applications. The CLS consists of a 250 MeV electron linac, a booster to ramp the beam to 2.9 GeV, and the main ring which is designed to operate at an energy of 2.9 GeV and at currents up to 500 mA. The CLS is a competitive design in a small package. The ring lattice is based on the double bend achromat (DBA) cell.  The peak design energy of 2.9 GeV is achieved in a machine with a circumference of 171 m. The emittance is 18.2 nm-rad. This is a respectable performance for a ring of such small circumference and is comparable to other light sources in the same energy range.


Undulator Type


Undulator Symmetry


Undulator Period

45 mm

Number of Full Size Poles


Total Number of Poles


Minimum Gap

12.5 mm

Maximum Gap


Length of Magnet Assemblies

1.5 m

ID11.1 – SGM planar undulator

- 53 pole, 45 mm period, 12.5 mm minimum gap, 250 – 1900 eV photons


ADC USA (ISO 9001 certified), located near Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, is a leading developer and supplier of complex scientific components and instruments for large government laboratories and corporations around the world. Founded as a privately held company in 1995, ADC has grown into one of world’s leading technology companies and has enjoyed 18 straight years of business growth and profitability with more than 500 customers located in over 26 countries. We have developed capabilities, design, procedures and training staff to provide “Turn-Key” Insertion Devices (Undulators) and Magnetic Measurement Systems complete with in-house and customer site training.