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Beam Stops

ADC delivers standard synchrotron beamstops. These typically consist of stainless steel tubes incorporating water-cooled OFHC copper bars and pneumatic actuation.


In a typical Bremstrahlung stop, the shielding blocks are machined to mate with adjacent blocks at 5° angles, so that there is no clear path in the direction of the beam. Other stops, such as the white beam variety, are often composed of stainless steel pipe and water-cooled OFHC copper bar. Some stops are moveable (similar to shutters) by means of pneumatic cylinders fitted with limit switches. Each assembly is vacuum tested to better than 5 x 10-10 torr. As with all ADC products, customization is available.


ADC also delivers cooled and non-cooled photon shutters. These typically consist of a fixed tungsten block mounted in a stainless steel chamber, incorporating water-cooled OFHC copper attachments and pneumatic actuation. Each assembly is vacuum tested to better than 5 x 10-10 torr.


The beam shutters pictured above is a safety shutter built for APS.