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A Synchrotron Primer


"This primer presents, as we like to say in physics, the 0-th order or most basic concepts

about synchrotron x-ray beamline optics, equipment and layout...."


View or download A Synchrotron Primer ( 1.52MB).

A Vacuum Primer


"The first thing you need to know about vacuum was documented in 16th century Italy..."


View or download A Vacuum Primer ( 1.7MB).

 Insertion Devices Primer

Insertion Devices Primer


"Applications such as protein crystallography have recently driven much greater interest

in the use of synchrotron radiation as a research tool...."


View or download Insertion Devices Primer ( 1.6MB).

A Brief Introduction to Particle Physics

A Brief Introduction to Particle Physics


"Protons, electrons, neutrons, neutrinos and even quarks are often featured in

news of scientific discoveries...."


View or download A Brief Introduction to Particle Physics ( 0.7MB).